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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Vacation @ Poland

Just before the vacation to Poland, my GNU/Linux PC @ Home crashed because of the mis-configuration of some xorg etc... I bought Acronis Disk Director Suite to recover some of the data stored in the HD. The application was on promotion (25 euro) and very well that I could recover the data of photos for 6 years. ( My wife would kill me if I couldn't get it back ;-0) I immediately made the buckup to DVD which I bought a month ago. Now I know how important it is to make a backup regularlly.

The vacation was so busy that we couldn't really relax at all. Everyday meeting the relatives and friends of my wife. But kids seems to be very happy that the sister in law and her bf played with them a lot. There we did a lot of shopping as well. We spent the amount of 2 month salary.

This is the snapshot @ hotel in Berlin on our way back home.

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