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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Blog is Up

OK, now it's open.

So far I use Ubuntu Dapper as a desktop OS at home & work and Eclipse as an IDE. At work, I use J2ME and at home I use J2SE / J2EE for my hobby.

Recently I've been enjoying the re-config of my Ubuntu but I'm getting in the mood of programming now. I just become a member of SorceForge so I'm looking for the project that I can help.

With 3 ladies (2 cute daughters & 1 wife) , it is difficult to find time for my hobby. After 23:00-2:00 for 3 hours a day is the precious time for me. Still it's much less than I need.

Anyway, in this blog, I'll put notes or tips that I learned. Hope you could find them useful.