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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Install log script for linux

Sometimes you need to install the program from the source as it is stable etc. However without the package management , it is difficult to find where the program files are deployed.

The following commands will tell you where the new files are created. Now that you can remove the programm following the diff output. The following each line is in one line.

%sudo find / | grep -v -e ^/proc/ -e ^/dev/ -e ^/media/ -e ^/tmp/ -e ^/mnt/ >beforeinstall.list

% sudo find / | grep -v -e ^/proc/ -e ^/dev/ -e ^/media/ -e ^/tmp/ -e ^/mnt/ >afterinstall.list

% diff beforeinstall.list afterinstall.list


darling24_7 said...

What is the customizing the kernel?

Cavalierski said...

Hi, to be accurate, customizing the linux kernel.